Now You See Me by S. Y. Thompson Review



Corporate attorney Erin Donovan has nothing on her mind except representing her clients to the best of her abilities. One fateful day, she shows an irritating new client, Carson Tierney, around the tenth floor space of her own building and her life takes an unforeseen direction.

Carson is an awe-inspiring woman by anyone’s standards. Possessing genius-level intelligence that has allowed her to become a self-made millionaire of a computer software company, Carson still has a dark secret that could be her undoing.

When the two are thrust together to escape a deadly killer in a high-rise office building while a blizzard rages outside, they have no one to count on but each other. So begins an unexpected yet tender romance. However, unchecked love and desire isn’t in their future. The murderer is still out there and he’s coming for them. Will Carson’s street-wise skills protect them both as Erin attempts to discover the killer’s identity just as relentlessly as he is seeking their demise?

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My rating: 4/5 stars

Pros: Good characters and relationships, fast paced plot, good writing

Cons: relationship development,  reader knowing killer’s motivations

As you can probably tell from my blog, I love good characters. Characters make or break a book for me. If a book has beautiful writing and the most interesting plot yet I don’t care about any of the characters, I won’t enjoy it. Luckily, that was not a problem in this book.

The two main characters, Erin and Carson, are both well-written and realistic. Though they have their similarities they have their differences as well that make them stand out. For example, both characters have vastly different backstories and different reasons for being as reserved as they are. Both have a good work ethic and are determined to do well at their jobs, but both have different approaches at work. For example, Carson works with her friends and that seems to be part of why she loves her job and why she’s so successful. Erin, on the other hand, although she respects her coworkers she does not seem to consider them close friends. Erin and Carson have distinct voices that make them stand out and it is interesting to see things from both of their perspectives at different points in the story. Though the story focuses on Erin and Carson for the most part, there are other characters that make an appearance and are equally interesting, if not equally developed since they are secondary characters. Erin’s father, Carson’s best friend, the detective Erin’s father hires, and the killer are some of these characters. There are short pieces of the story that are told from Erin’s father’s point of view as well as the detective and the killer. Each of these points of view is interesting and adds to the story.

I also love the relationships in this book. The main relationship is, of course, the romantic relationship between Erin and Carson. This relationship develops naturally and beautifully throughout the story. Both characters have similarities that allow them to relate to each other, yet they also have differences that allow them to complement each other. Their relationship has a strong foundation as well, since they face a terrifying situation together in the beginning of the story. This allows the two characters to get to know each other on a deeper level quite early on in their relationship, which only makes their relationship stronger. The two characters also have a realistic relationship. They have their obstacles to overcome and they have their disagreements. Yet through all of that their relationship grows stronger. Although Erin and Carson’s relationship is the main relationship in the book, it is not the only one in the story. Erin’s relationship with her father is another relationship shown in the book. I really love their relationship. They get along well and support each other. What more could anyone want in a father/daughter relationship? Carson’s relationship with her best friend is also a nice relationship to read about. She views her as a sister and everything about their relationship that is shown in the story shows that the two women make a good team.

Although characters make a book for me, I do love a good plot. This book definitely does not disappoint on that front. From the moment that Erin finds a body in her elevator at work, the plot is fast paced and exciting. Yet it doesn’t go too fast. The main characters, Erin and Carson,  have time and room to grow, both separately and together. The mystery at the center of the story is exciting and is one that you want to solve as much as the main characters do. There is never a dull moment in this book.

The writing in this book is good. Simple and to the point just like the main characters would be, yet no less intriguing because of it. The writing really allowed me to get to know the characters and to stay interested in the exciting plot.

Of course, no book is perfect. There are a few things about this book that I didn’t like. One thing is that although I love the relationship between Erin and Carson, I felt that at times their relationship moved more quickly than I would like. What can I say, I like the slow burn ships. However, I was able to look past it and still enjoy their relationship. Another thing I didn’t like about the book is that the reader knows the killer’s motivations from the beginning. That really makes it less interesting to read about when the characters find out. However, the reader doesn’t know everything and so it still is exciting to go on the exciting journey of solving the mystery with the characters.

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